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Is Your Sweetheart Checking Messages? Over a Third of People Flirt with Others Via Mobile While on a Date

Survey from MocoSpace Reveals Mobile Phone 'Most Important' Device to Social Lives of Youth - Nearly Half Will Turn to Social Networking on their Mobile for Valentine's Day

Mobile Social Network Releases New Virtual Relationship Options

BOSTON, MA - February 11, 2009 - If you've ever used your mobile phone to flirt with somebody else while on a date, you're not alone. According to a survey by MocoSpace just over a third (34%) of mobile users admit to having done so and nearly half (42%) say they'll turn to a social networking site on their mobile for companionship for Valentine's Day.

The survey, which offers insights on how young Americans use their mobile phones for their love and social lives, reveals that nearly three quarters (71%) say the mobile phone is the most important device when it comes to their social lives, trumping the computer / internet (2%) and the landline phone (2%).

Though 'in person' is important (21%), a significant majority (73%) of respondents say that their mobile is the means they rely on most to stay connected to friends reflecting the increasingly important role of the mobile device in the lives of young consumers and the virtual nature of relationships of this upcoming generation.

Making new friends still happens mainly offline at parties (25%), work/school (23%) or through a friend (19%). However, the survey showed that among the device options for meeting new people, the mobile phone played a prominent role with 19% of all respondents saying it was important.

While meeting and staying in touch with people is easier now with mobile phones the same may be true for ending relationships. Nearly half (45%) say they've used their mobile phone to break up with somebody with text messaging being the most common (62%) method of those admitting so. Men tend to be more likely to use their mobile to say 'good bye' than women.

When asked about Valentine's Day, nearly half (42%) of those who have no one to share the special day with said they would turn to social networking on their mobile phone to fill the void. Mobile was also the device of choice for Valentine's even among those that prefer social networking on the computer (27% said they'd turn to their mobile) or equally on mobile and the computer (35%).

"The mobile phone, particularly for young consumers, is a naturally social device which is the foundation upon which MocoSpace was built," said Justin Siegel, co-founder and CEO of MocoSpace. "We're talking about a younger generation for whom the mobile phone is an appendage and so it's no surprise that mobile phones are pivotal to people's social lives and that sites like MocoSpace are growing so quickly in popularity."

MocoSpace recently released an update to its popular Relationship feature. In addition to Get Engaged, Go Steady and Get Married options now also include Hooking Up, Best Friends Forever, In Like WIth and Its Complicated. Members can send relationship proposals to each other on MocoSpace or to friend's mobile phones via SMS.

The survey was conducted in early February on the mobile web with 10,000 MocoSpace members who are also users of other social networking sites.

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